Just when you thought freestyles over Meek Mill's 'Tupac Back' beat had been done to death, Lil Wayne contributed his version, entitled 'Tunechi's Back,' as a prelude to his impending mixtape 'Sorry 4 the Wait,' which is out on July 13.

Clocking in at a little over two minutes, Weezy's take on the track, which has inspired versions by everyone from Joell Ortiz, Tyga and Chris Brown to 'Pac's group the Outlawz, offers typical Lil Wayne fare: plenty of drug, genital and gun references, but not much else.

He boasts, "I put some change on ya head, boy you on sale," and that he'll "make breakfast 'cause I got you walkin' on egg shells." 'Tunechi's Back' is pretty generic as Wayne's freestyles go.

Acting both as a warning to the competition and an apology to his fans for delaying his long-awaited album 'Tha Carter IV,' the track concludes with a nod to Mill's original, "Wish I could take a shot a Ciroc with 'Pac/ Sorry for the wait, 'til my album drop."

The second leg of Lil Wayne's epic I Am Still Music Tour kicks of July 13, the same day his 'Sorry 4 the Wait' mixtape drops.

'Tha Carter IV' is in stores August 29.

Listen to Lil Wayne's 'Tunechi's Back'

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