In the wake of Lil Wayne's guilty plea to weapons charges, his ex-wife and some of his fellow artists have taken to Twitter to show their support and express their frustration with the legal system. We say "some," as still not a word has been publicly heard from Weezy's Young Money or even Cash Money labelmates and "family."

Many in the hip-hop community had forgotten that Lil Wayne still had a 2007 weapons possession charge hanging over him in New York. Some have been equally surprised to learn of his guilty plea and the likely year in prison he faces at his still unscheduled sentencing date in court.

"Thts crazy lil Wayne gets a year for a hand pistol and ti gets the same tome for having army issued rifles wit silencers U tell me wtf," Harlem rapper Jim Jones tweeted, questioning the severity of Wayne's sentence.

Others, such as Houston rapper Slim Thug, consider Wayne's situation to be yet another symptom of an ailing system.

"That's some bulls--- how the police try to make an example out of [Black] celebs," Slim tweeted. "Lil Wayne wasn't holding the gun; they got on his bus, didn't even know which one he was; after they found him they gave him the case. It's Lil' Wayne if he is on the bus somebody needs to have a gun his lil ass can't fight a muthaf---- off. Cortez, Lil' Wayne manager, said on [VH1's] 'Behind the Music' that that's his gun. It's in his name [but] they still gave Wayne the case."

Toya, Wayne's ex- and star of popular BET reality show 'Tiny & Toya,' expressed outrage at the lack of support she has seen from Wayne's immediate circle."I swear I hate fake n----s," she tweeted after the verdict was announced. "When s--- all good, everybody around, but when u down, nobody wants to b around ... pray for Wayne y'all."

Meanwhile, the ever-prolific Lil Wayne has already prepared numerous songs, two of which were released yesterday (October 22), and will appear on his upcoming mixtape 'No Ceiling,' which drops on Halloween.

There won't be a lack of new Lil Wayne music while he's on the inside, and he will undoubtedly come back bigger than ever.