Lil Wayne Lil Wayne -- often described as the hardest working man in hip-hop -- will be forced to slow things down a bit. The rapper will be sentenced to a one-year prison term today (Feb. 9) after a few brushes with the law and many court cases.

Wayne is scheduled to appear before Judge Charles H. Solomon this afternoon, where he will enter his plea and turn himself in to begin his sentence at New York's Riker's Island Correctional facility. Today's sentencing is a result of Wayne's 2007 arrest following a concert at the Beacon Theatre. The rap star was arrested following a traffic stop of his tour bus in which officers discovered a .40 calibur handgun. Wayne agreed to a plea deal in October 2009 and and is now expected to serve up to 10 months behind bars.

In preparation for his bid, Wayne performed a farewell concert in his hometown, landed the cover of Rolling Stone magazine (again), performed at the Grammys (again), released his rap-rock album 'Rebirth' and reportedly finished close to 20 tracks for his upcoming 'The Carter IV,' which is set to drop when Wayne is released. As for slowing down, the Grammy-winning rapper doesn't seem to think that his incarceration will keep him from working on forthcoming projects. "I'll have an iPod, and I"ll make sure they keep sending me beats," Wayne told Rolling Stone.