Incarcerated Young Money leader Lil Wayne will be serving out the last 30 days of his eight-month prison sentence in solitary confinement, as delayed punishment for being caught with an MP3 player back in May.

According to reports, the rap star was found with the headphones while another inmate held the MP3 player for him. As part of his punishment, Wayne will only be allowed one personal phone call per week and only one hour of solo recreational time per day. The remainder of his time will be spent in solitary confinement, and he will have no further contact with his fellow inmates.

"He's not in an area where he is mingling with other inmates -- ever," a source in the Department of Corrections told the New York Daily News.

Wayne has been locked up in New York's Rikers Island since March on a gun possession charge stemming from a 2006 arrest. He's expected to be released on November 4.

His new EP 'I Am Not A Human Being' was released digitally last week. The physical album will hit stores on October 12.

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