Lil Wayne just can't seem to stay out of legal trouble. The 26-year-old is being sued for copyright infringement surrounding his 2008 hit single 'Mr. Officer.' According to the lawsuit, Atlanta-based producer Michael Bradford claims to own the rights to the song, off Wayne's triple platinum 'Tha Carter III' album.

Bradford, who also goes by the name Mali Boy, affirms that the song is a take on his original track 'Crush' which he produced for another artist. Bradford alleges that the song later ended up in the hands of Deezel, the producer behind 'Mr. Officer.' In accordance with the paperwork filed by the US District for the Northern District of Georgia, Wayne, the producer and others involved in the production of the song were named in the lawsuit.

Although the suit was originally filed in January, Bradford claims that Wayne's camp has yet to respond. Wayne's attorney Mr. Sweeney has not responded to the grievance, however Deezel reportedly filed two 30-day extensions to file his response. Cash Money Records, who was also named in the suit, has agreed to put a hold on royalty payments received from digital downloads, retail sales, and ringtones until an agreement can be reached.

This latest legal matter is one of many that have been filed against Wayne for copyright infringement. Last year, a suit was filed against the rapper for the misuse of a sample for the song 'I Feel Like Dying' featured on one of his mixtapes. Additionally, a suit was also filed against Wayne for the unlawful use of the Rolling Stone's song 'Playing with Fire.'

Aside from his pending lawsuits, the rapper is currently promoting both his 'Tha Carter III release' and his soon to be released rock album 'Rebirth.'