According to the reports, extremely virile rapper Lil Wayne has yet another baby on the way, this one with Young Money artist Shanell. This is hardly surprising since Wayne, who has fathered four children with four different women (two in the last six months) loves his babies(!), but now the Young Money boss and protege are vehemently denying the rumors.

"Basically it came from a corny rumor that escalated," Shanell told MTV. "First I was dating him, then I was his girlfriend, then we were getting married, then we were settling down and now I'm pregnant. It's so foolish we've haven't paid it any attention."

The singer/songwriter -- sister of former Danity Kane member D. Woods -- met Wayne while working as a back-up dancer for Ne-Yo. She's been credited for connecting Wayne with producer Bangladesh and aiding in the birth of 'A Milli,' and was quickly brought into the fold, singing and touring with Young Money.

When a photo circulated depicting the two artists sharing an embrace, the rumor mill began to churn.

"We're taking a picture," she explained. "All the rest of the rumors were kinda funny except that one...When my mother called me like, 'Um?,' [I was] like, 'No! Are you serious?' I don't care about the rumors, but I just want people to know that I'm not pregnant. I've got an album coming out, I'm a dancer, I'm in shape and children are not anywhere in my future."

Wayne also addressed the rumors in a recent Ustream video. "Let me clear up this rumor, man: Shanell is not pregnant from me," Wayne said. "Shanell isn't even pregnant! Period. Clear that up right now, man. Everybody talking about Shanell pregnant by ... No, she not even pregnant. Period."

Wayne is currently awaiting sentencing for a 2007 gun charge, shooting videos at a manic pace and receiving more root canals than a vegetable garden, while Shanell prepares her forthcoming debut.