Remember that one time time four hours ago, when we told you that Lil Wayne would announce whether or not he's really retiring on Skip Bayless' new show, Undisputed? Well, Wayne made good on his promise, and the verdict is—he's not retiring.

Somewhere, Kendrick Lamar is cheering.

Co-host Shannon Sharpe also tried to find out if Wayne could ever be cool with Birdman again, and Lil Wayne looked at him like he'd sprouted two heads. In a word? Nah. Wayne said that won't be happening, and no amount of money can undo the damage.

Basically, Wayne went on the show and shared a bunch of non-news, more than likely because his buddy Skip could use a ratings boost for his new show (Wayne provides Undisputed's theme music). On a separate note, Wayne confirmed to Hypetrack that he's planning to release Dedication 6 "soon," just as soon as he can find time to link with DJ Drama.

"I’m working currently working on it as we speak," Weezy told the site. "I’m going to find some time to get with DJ Drama when it’s right and then give it to the world!"

You can watch a clip from Wayne's interview on Undisputed above.

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