Lil Wayne During the filming of QD3's extremely inside look at the life of rapper Lil Wayne in his documentary, 'The Carter,' the mega-star made a shocking admission about being "raped" by a woman at the tender age of 11.

The footage shows Wayne and co. chiding 15-year-old Young Money rapper and protege Lil Twist about his sexual activity. A seemingly intoxicated Wayne teases Twist, saying, "I was f----n' at 11. I had Reginae at 15, n---- ... It ain't cause you a male, it ain't cause you 15, you're supposed to cause you're Young Money. F--- that s--- n---!"

Wayne then launches into a story about his first sexual experience, which he claimed was against his will. "I got raped when I was eleven, Twist. I loved it ... I ain't never pressed charges. I'm a do you like Baby and them did me," Wayne began. "I'll never forget that day. They was all in the kitchen, I was scared. There was about this many n----s and s--- too, in that b----. I'll never forget the words -- 'Suck Lil Wayne's little d---.'
Maybe we're alone in feeling this way (another Web site posted a glib response to the tune of "Bet everybody wishes they had Baby for a paw"), but a room full of grown men pressuring an adolescent into a sex act with a glorified prostitute is pretty crazy, not to mention illegal. While Wayne continued the story with the usual bravado, the whole thing just feels sad. "I walked out that b----, felt like I killed five n----s, ran through three banks," Wayne concluded. "You don't understand, I was a different man after that. I was Lil Wayne after that, yeah."

For those interested, the footage can be seen below. Wayne previously made headlines with Lil Twist, when he stood by as the 15-year-old got his first tattoo. That's just good parenting.