Having spent the last eight months in the Rikers Island prison facility, Lil Wayne is a free man. Though initial reports claimed that he would have to spend another day due to "miscalculated" time, Weezy was freed from jail earlier this morning, according to a spokesperson at Rikers.

Wayne has finished serving his sentence stemming from an arrest in 2007. After his performance at New York City's Beacon Theatre, police pulled over his tour bus after smelling marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Upon inspection, NYPD discovered drugs and a gun registered to Wayne's manager near Wayne - a punishable offense for anyone without proper registration in operating capacity of a firearm.

Weezy was sentenced to a year and a day for violating New York law, though his incarceration was delayed twice on account of a courthouse fire and emergency dental surgery. He finally entered prison in March, though his time in prison was cut back due to good behavior.

While in jail, Wayne had a successful year, releasing the No. 1 album 'I Am Not a Human Being' in October, recording verses over the phone and earning more than he did in 2009, according to Forbes Magazine.

Several of his associates have expressed their excitement over Wayne's release. "just talk to @birdman5star ... #weezyfbaby back!!!! #priceless," tweeted Rick Ross. "weezy home!!!" wrote Jas Prince.

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