Lil Wayne has recorded his first song since being released from prison over the weekend, and according to reports, it's a doozy.

Word of the song hit the web after Wayne's videographer DJ Scoob Doo began tweeting about it on Sunday, writing "Nino Brown aka @ liltunechi Got His First Song Since Rikers Coming To Yall Soon." Wayne fans have been predictably excited to hear new music from the Young Money leader, and Scoob's tweets set expectations high, describing the new song as "A 2010 Version Of A Milli. But On [Steroids]."

In addition to Scoob, who earlier in the week tweeted a picture of Weezy in the middle of a marathon 15-hour recording session, the rest of Wayne's camp have been hard at work keeping up with his moves since his release. "He's in beast mode," Cash Money boss Birdman explained of Wayne's return to the studio. "When you put a shining star in a cage, what else can you make out of it? You just put him in beast mode."

Newcomers to Cash Money, Cool & Dre also weighed in on his imminent takeover. "I think the one thing we could do is stand out the way," Dre said, of working in the studio with the prolific MC. "Get out the way. I'm sure he has so much inspiration built up right now."

Wayne's 'I Am Not a Human Being' EP is in stores now. Expect a new mixtape from the shining star soon.

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