If you're looking for inspiration to stay in school, why not take it from rapper Lil Wayne? The New Orleans native recently recorded a public service announcement for the 'Get Schooled' initiative. The program, which premieres Sept. 8 on VH1, BET, and MTV, promotes public education awareness.

"Growing up in a tough neighborhood is something I know a little about," Wayne says in the 30-second clip, which you can watch after the jump. "It's not easy and you have to rise up and stand out. Right now, fewer than one in ten lower-income students can expect to earn a bachelor's degree. With odds like that, a better life seems pretty hard to come by. America needs a stronger educational system and the time is now for bold reform. We owe the next generation a brighter future. Motivate. Educate. Elevate. Get Schooled."

Wayne, who in 2005 pursued a psychology degree at the University of Houston, has been vocal in the past about the importance of education. Despite dropping out of high school, the 26-year-old received his GED and also took both his SAT and ACT in order to meet college admission requirements.

According to the company's website, following the commercial viewers are encouraged to join the "movement that wants to make the American educational system work better for you." Those interested showing their support can also join the company's Facebook page.

Wayne's commercial will begin running Sept. 8.