Lil Wayne's latest sports blogging installation from his Rikers jail cell, comes in the form of hand-written predictions for the U.S. Open, via Sports Illustrated. Wayne penned his notes on the tournament -- which kicks off on Monday in Flushing, N.Y. -- on SI stationery, before dropping the self-addressed stamped envelope in the mail.

"One of the main reasons I enjoy the sport so much is because when I actually tried to play, it was unbelievably difficult," Weezy began. "So ever since I've been drawn to the great talents of the game. Not to mention Andre Agassi was like a pop star when I was a kid. I love the Williams sisters, I simply adore Maria Sharapova and I'm a huge Nadal fan!" After professing his enthusiasm for the all-star tennis player, Wayne goes on to predict that he will sweep the 2010 U.S. Open. "I'm definitely rooting his him to get the Grand Slam and win the U.S. Open," Wayne wrote. "He's already become the 2nd youngest player to win 8 major titles before the age of 25."

In addition to his high hopes for Nadal, Wayne also passed along his prediction for the upcoming women's matches, writing off Serena Williams as the underdog. "And by the way, I'm giving the edge to Clijsters in the women's singles due to Serena's right foot," he wrote.

Lil Wayne is expected to be released from Rikers Island in November, just eight months into his original one year sentence for weapons and drug possession. His new EP 'I'm Not a Human Being' will debut on September 27.