Guitar? Check. Video vixen dressed in all black with angel wings? Check. Serpent. Uh ... check? Looks like Lil Wayne's video for his latest 'Rebirth' single, 'On Fire,' has all the necessary elements to make it as rock-tinged as possible. However, we're not sure if we get the need for the snake or sparks, and it's still unclear if Wayne can actually play the guitar he's swinging around in the Chris Robinson-directed video. Either way, the bigger issue is clearly 'Rebirth''s vacillating release date. Most recently, the blogosphere was a buzz with rumors that Wayne's forthcoming project was pushed back to June. Unfortunately, the Grammy Award-winning rapper has bigger fish to fry. Weezy is set to be sentenced to jail on Feb. 9. He'll likely report to prison and begin the expected eight to one-year sentence that same day.

Check out the video after the jump.