We're roughly a week away from Lil Wayne dropping his highly-anticipated album, 'Tha Carter V,' and we haven't heard a peep from him -- until now. The Young Money honcho graces the cover of Nylon Guys' December 2014/January 2015 issue.

In the cover story, Lil Tunechi makes a very blunt statement by proclaiming he's "One of the last of a dying breed" when it comes to making unforgettable rap music.

"When I first started doing it, you only did it to be the best -- not to have a hot song or popularity or for Instagram or Twitter," he tells the magazine. “I’m one of the last of a dying breed... the ones who are only about the music. You have to want to be unforgettable. The only other people who I can think of like that are Kanye [West] and Beyonce.”

“What I mean by that is that all I am is music. That’s all I do and all I know, 366 days a year, 25 hours a day, eight days a week," he continues. "This is my life and what I breathe. This isn’t something I do. It’s who I am."

Some critics might disagree with Wayne's bold statement, but it's not too far-fetched to say that he's been one of the most intriguing artists in hip-hop.

The NYLON Guys' December 2014/January 2015 issue, featuring Lil Wayne on the cover, will hit newsstands on Dec. 9.

Check out other highlights from the interview below.

On heeding the call: "I was always ready for the call. That’s the best way to explain it. Wayne’s always ready. When it’s my turn, I make way more than the most of it. If you’re ready when they call you, and you make the most of your time, then they’ll never stop calling you."

On his creative process: “I’m just a regular street n---- that’s a little smarter than the rest. I rap whatever comes up in my head. Whatever rhymes with the next word and how I’m feeling. I start rapping and we find something within what I just said and make a song out of it.”

On smoking weed: "I don’t know how it works, but I know that I need weed...extra when I’m creating. It helps in a major way."

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