Lil Wayne appeared on MTV's "Hip Hop POV," where he discussed his new Beats by Dre headphones, Supra sneaker collaboration, and revealed how skateboarding helped him to find himself, and made the "Bling Bling" rapper stop rocking jewelry.

Giving a tour of his Miami crib, which includes a pool for his sharks, a see-through shower, and a rooftop skate park, Wayne explained his love of skating, which he threatened to take to the Street League level, once his recording career is done.

"Skating has become one of my pure passions, I believe I've found myself," Weezy drawled. "Let me give it to you this way, I needed something more. When I picked up that [skateboard] deck, I was like I want to skate, I want a ramp on my roof now."

Wayne continued to express his passion for skating, while poking fun at some of the hip-hop cliches he helped promote, including the term "bling."

"I've become friends with the most funnest and coolest people," he said, of his skater pals. "I love my rap friends, I would pop a bottle with you guys any day. That's the thing we do, rappers, pop that bottle, make it rain ... I would make it rain with you any day brother. But these kids that come from the skate world, it is so different and so awesome. I don't want jewelry any more."

Check out the rest of the episode, which also features DJ Khaled, Iggy Azalea and Future, below.

Watch Lil Wayne on MTV's "Hip Hop POV"