The internets have been abuzz all week with the release of QD3 Entertainment's 'The Carter' - an intimate and endlessly captivating documentary about Lil Wayne at his now mythic 2008 peak. While we would encourage all interested parties to order the full DVD, one particularly illuminating scene has made its way to YouTube. The camera pans to Weezy (styrofoam cup in hand) opening a Louis Vuitton briefcase. The contents are either amazing or repulsive depending on your worldview.

At first everything is covered by an odd item: 'Women: Photographs by Stefan May' -- a stark black-and-white art book featuring (you guessed it) highbrow representations of nude women. Wayne flips the book over to reveal a truly gargantuan stack of money (maybe $50-100k) and an assortment of drug-related contraband including Swisher cigars, Walgreen's prescription papers and a Vitamin Water bottle of the substance he's drinking out of that styrofoam cup.

"It's for nothing," says Weezy as he stares at the money. "The hard times..." He then picks up the Vitamin Water and explains further: "Man, this is syrup. Ain't no damn Vitamin Water. Syrup... Vitamin Water ain't that thick."

While Lil Wayne was once famously gifted a Louis V case with a cool million dollars in cash for this birthday, this footage reveals a whole new level. While a tad frightening, the briefcase offers a fascinating glimpse into one of the more deranged yet prolific minds of this generation.