Lil Wayne is wrapping up what has already been an impressive year with a whopping eight Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year and Best Rap Album for his multi-platinum 'Tha Carter III.'

This year's nominations were announced Wednesday night during the one-hour "The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!! -- Countdown To Music's Biggest Night" primetime special, which was broadcast live on CBS.

The star-studded event, co-hosted by two-time Grammy winner LL Cool J and country newcomer Taylor Swift, featured appearances and performances by Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, John Mayer and blues legend B.B. King, to name a few.

Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Kanye West earned six nods each, while T.I. and Lupe Fiasco followed with four nominations.

The Grammy Awards are scheduled for live broadcast on CBS on Feb 8.

Good, Bad and OMG! Fashions

    Boobylicious: Her delicious derriere might be her best physical ass-et, but Ms. Lopez's revealing Versace gown in 2000 brought all eyes front and center. Double-sided tape is a girl's best friend.Photo by Scott Gries, Getty Images

    Whoa, Kelly! A svelte Kelly Clarkson proved she's a bona fide star in this classy black dress which she wore to last year's Grammys. Perfectly accessorized with just a touch of bling and intentionally-mussed hair, she looked just plain glamorous.Photo byKevin Mazur Archive 1,

    English Garden: Blue-eyed soul star Joss Stone was in full bloom in a playful Petro Zillia gown at the 2005 Grammy ceremony. She later took the stage barefoot in a purple gown to duet with Melissa Etheridge, but, as she arrived, she kept her perfectly-matched '70s-inspired heels on as she posed for the paparazzi before the show.Photo by Gregg DeGuire,

    Winter White: Usher's trim outfit on last year's red carpet proved that white is indeed the new black ... but the look was derailed by his excessive jewels, including multiple gold necklaces which interfered with the crisp, clean lines of his ensemble.Weknow you can drop $1M on a watch, bro. You don't have to beat us over the head with it!Photo by Gregg DeGuire,

    Sweat Pea: Last year, Fergie's 'Humps' hadn't yet become infamous, and she displayed them elegantly in a strapless, form-fitting gown with a flirty, flared hem. Here's hoping that her '07 choice isn't loaded up with 'iceys' or plastered with head-to-toe Louis Vuitton logos.Photo by Gregg DeGuire,

    Pretty in Pink: Before she revealed her inner rock star to the world in '05, Hilary Duff walked the Grammy red carpet in a sugar-sweet shade of bubblegum pink. Although, the platinum hair and ultra-fair skin made the overall effect a little too 'Barbie doll.'Photo by Kevin Mazur Archive 1,

    Fugly in Pink: While the colorful pop diva is usually applauded for her wild and crazy looks, the burlesque-leotard-space alien getup she wore in 2002 was just plain ridiculous. The Pussycat Dolls might be hiring, though. Pink would fit right in!Photo bySteve Granitz Archive 1,

    Green Machines: These two OutKasts have become known for their eccentric and sometimes daring clothing choices, but these color-coordinated outfits just didn't work on the Grammy red carpet. The corduroy suit and blazer with jeans would have been fine, but, hey, it's not easy being green.Photo by Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

    Long N' Leggy: R&B diva Toni Braxton was only a breeze away from being X-rated in the ultra-revealing gown she wore to the 2001 Grammy ceremony. This barely-there creation belongs on the rack at Frederick's of Hollywood, not walking the red carpet.Photo by Kevin Mazur Archive 1,

    Goddess Girl: If you want to look fantastic on the red carpet, study Beyonce. You are guaranteed to look stunning. This black and gold Roberto Cavalli dress, paired with perfect chandelier earrings and a chic updo, made Beyonce one of 2005's best-dressedGrammy girls.Photo by Gregg DeGuire,

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