Superstar musicians are familiar with getting their way. Normally, they can make their requests whether it's on tour or during travel and they're met due to their immense star power. But, in the case of Lil Wayne, that unfortunately didn't apply to him as he prepared to leave a Fort Lauderdale, Fla. airport.

On Monday (July 20), the rapper was kicked off a private jet for smoking weed. According to TMZ, before boarding a private plane, Wayne spoke to the pilot to let him know that he and his entourage wanted to smoke during the flight. The pilot refused to give in to Weezy's request and informed him that smoking would not be permitted in the air.

Of course, Wayne decided to follow his own rules and sparked one inside the plane as they traveled to their destination. Once the pilot smelled the weed, he quickly turned the plane around and brought Weezy back to the original takeoff spot. Talk about playing no games. Wayne's flight was all but 17 minutes because he failed to follow the pilot's orders.

In addition to having marijuana on board, the Free Weezy Album creator apparently had his magic juice along for the journey. A photo was taken of Wayne holding his signature double Styrofoam cup as he walked out of the plane. We can only hope that he wasn't sipping on sizzurp.

If you recall, back in 2013, Wayne was battling a series of seizures stemming from his excessive use of the concoction. Hopefully, Wayne isn't back on codeine because we wouldn't want him to make another visit to the hospital.

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