Lil Wayne Looks like fourth times a charm for rapper Lil Wayne. After his sentencing for criminal possession of a weapon was delayed twice in the last month -- first, due to oral surgery and then subsequently after a freak courthouse fire -- Lil Wayne was finally taken away in handcuffs today.

A little after 2PM EST, Judge Charles H. Solomon read Wayne, born Dwayne Michael Carter, his charge and sentenced him to a year in the slammer. The rapper, who will be placed in protective custody, chose not to make a statement and only nodded a goodbye at his Cash Money exec Birdman, before being taken away.

Wayne's home for the next year, or possibly as little as eight months if he behaves himself, will be the Eric M. Taylor Center at New York's Rikers Island where he is allowed hour-long visits twice a week.

Before turning himself in Lil Wayne posted his own little proverb about his situation on Twitter. "Law is mind without reason,' he wrote, before promising, "... I'll return."