Known for making political statements in his music on occasion, Lil Wayne has released a video for 'God Bless Amerika' off his 'I Am Not A Human Being II' project.

The video begins with Wayne standing in front of the American flag. The flag drops to reveal a massive gathering of people standing behind him. The video was a homecoming of sorts, shot entirely in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans. Scenes of abandoned and rundown housing and graffitied corner stores show that despite how far Wayne has come as an artist, though very little has changed in his own hometown, which was decimated by Hurricane Katrina years ago.

The video initially caused controversy because a behind-the-scenes footage surfaced, showing Wayne stomping on the American flag once it is lowered to the ground. The actual video does not show Wayne's feet once the flag is lowered, and so had one never seen the behind-the-scenes footage, it would be impossible to know. This was what Wayne tried to explain in his apology; however, that does not change the fact that he did in fact stomp all over the flag with little regard.

Ultimately, in the wake of the George ZImmerman verdict, is this the type of political statement that people can rally behind? There is certainly sustained commentary at times, the hook being the song's most powerful moment. "God bless Amerika," Wayne says, "This ole' Godless Amerika, I heard tomorrow ain't promised today. The end of time is like an hour away." However, there are also some suspect lines within the song, such as "Been eating my girl and she's so sweet, cavities." This is certainly not 'Tie My Hands,' but I suppose this is the best we can get from Wayne at this stage in his career.