From Hot Boy to solo artist, and from Cash Money mogul to ... reality star? Yes, folks. Lil Wayne is getting shot -- by cameras, that is.

The 'Fireman's' latest venture is an online reality series called 'Making the Next Hit! With Lil Wayne.' The project finds the rapper, along with hosts MC Busy Bee and Pit, embarking on a 27-city search for the top new producers, models, singers, comedians and rappers in the country.During Lil Wayne's visit to AOL Sessions last year, we asked him if he'd ever consider doing a reality show. After all, several of his fellow rappers -- Diddy, Flavor Flav and Run-DMC's Reverend Run, to name a few -- have tackled the reality realm. "The only way I would consider [it is] if it was about money," the N'Awlins rapper responded. "And at the end, I end up with the money."

Cash Money Records will have first right of refusal in signing the winner of the show, so ... mission accomplished. Sort of.

'Making the Next Hit!' will air beginning in January via the new Web channel,