Even behind bars, Lil Wayne continues to excel.

According to a recent report by Forbes, Wayne actually earned more money this year than he did in 2009, despite being incarcerated for the last five months.

Though mega-mogul Jay-Z topped Forbes' 2010 Hip-Hop Cash Kings list with $63 million, the business magazine notes that Wayne placed a happy fourth, earning $20 million over the last 12 months, and eclipsing his 2009 total of $18 million.

Weezy prepared for his incarceration by producing an unheard of amount of work -- shooting nine full music videos over 48 hours during Super Bowl weekend, and recording countless songs. Additionally, while serving out his one-year-sentence at Rikers Island for a weapons possession charge, Wayne was featured on more than 20 new tracks, including an appearance on a song by Drake and Jay-Z, for which Wayne submitted his verse via phone.

"We thought that although he would be away from the public eye, it's so important to keep the audience fed ... you're as hot as your last hit," said Wayne's video producer, Jeffrey Panzer. "The hardest part was deciding which ones to do, because Wayne has so much music."

"He's kind of reached that rock star status," said a representative for Wayne's label. "The consumers are in love with him."

Lil Wayne is scheduled to be released from prison on November 4.