Lil Wayne has been relatively quiet since his release from prison last month, but he's finally broken his silence. The Young Money rapper gave his first post-incarceration interview this morning on Shade 45, chopping it up with DJ Drama about everything from his upcoming lead single '6 Foot 7 Foot' from 'Tha Carter IV' to Ja Rule's recent two years in jail for a illegal weapons charge.

Weezy first fielded questions about his upcoming single, which his associate DJ Scoob Doo described as "'A Milli' on steroids."

"Not steroids, human growth hormones. It's a very tall song, brother," said Wayne, who confirmed Cory Gunz's appearance on the track and hopes that 'TC4' will hit stores in February. "The video should be soon. I'm going over the treatment and all that stuff right now. I'm [developing] my ideas and I'm working with Hype [Williams]."

Wayne also spoke on doing the interview tonight for his upcoming Rolling Stone cover, as well as his upcoming TV gigs including this weekend's 'Saturday Night Live' performance with Eminem and one for 'Last Call With Carson Daly' with Nicki Minaj. And the Young Money boss confirmed there was another member being added to the team in the near future. "There's always somebody new about to rock with us, because I'm always searching and looking. But I don't want to say any names right now, but it's a great addition."

He also shouted out Ja Rule, who was sentenced to two years in prison for gun possession for an arrest that took place on the same night that Weezy was arrested and for which he later served a year. "That's super crazy. I'm very disappointed. But me and Ja, we was kind of locked up together," he said. "We was in the same golden tank, everything, that same night. We went to court the next day together, and to know he got them two and to know I already dealt with the situation and came home, I would imagine it's a hard pill to swallow."

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