Birdman may be the CEO of Cash Money Records but looks like Lil Wayne is calling the shots. In an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra's Tim Westwood, the Young Money Entertainment founder contradicted Birdman's claims that several of his upcoming albums would be packaged together.

After a performance in London, where Wayne's wild antics onstage caused him to injure his lip with a microphone, the New Orleans native opened up to Westwood about reports that the release of 'Tha Carter IV' would hit retail and Internet as a double album. "Nah, it won't be given like that, trust me," Wayne revealed. "They pushing for that [but] I ain't really trying to give it to 'em like that."

The "they" the rapper speaks of pertains to Birdman, who spoke with The Hip Hop Chronicle UK earlier this month regarding the two-disc prospects. Set for a December 15 release, Birdman claimed fans would be provided with not two, but three Wayne efforts simultaneously: "[Wayne] coming with the rock album, ['Rebirth'], and 'Tha Carter IV' ...And the Young Money album all in the same day."

Despite the 'Like Father, Like Son' collaborator's words not matching up to Wayne's future plans, the younger tattooed rhyme slinger did acknowledge that an upcoming Young Money All-Stars album may come as a joint disc with 'Rebirth.' Yet he was adamant on his stance that the fourth installation of 'Tha Carter' series would be delivered in the same vein as those before it: solo. "'Tha Carter IV' deserves 'Tha Carter IV' and that's that," Wayne said. "Nothing else in its way."

On a lighter note, during the interview Westwood pointed out that one of Wayne's three tattooed tears apeared to be removed. The rapper admitted he did away with the facial ink at the request of his mother.