Lil Wayne's in-depth interview with journalist Elliott Wilson continues. In part two of his CRWN talk at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Weezy fields fan questions about a host of topics including skateboarding and sports.

An avid skater, Wayne talks about his experiences at the skate park. When asked if his fellow skaters have ever slipped him a demo (like one CRWN fan did) the rapper laughs. "Nah. Them dudes. They just be worrying about skating. That is so different… It's dope to me," the MC shares.

Wayne reveals that there's a camaraderie in the skate community that's different from music. "Everybody for you… They stop what they doing… Man. Motivation," he explains. 'Tha Carter V' creator states that it's this love that fuels him to keep skating, despite the injuries he's sustained.

He also touched upon one of his other favorite hobbies, sports. He revealed he was a fan of athletes like Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders and Dominique Wilkins as a kid, and he's loyal to his favorite teams now. Always the joker, Weezy threw in that his loyalty extends to romance: "Ladies. Hint. Hint."