Lil Wayne graces the cover of the July/August 2011 issue of XXL Magazine. In the cover story, veteran hip-hop journalist Shaheem Reid chats with Lil Tunechi about a variety of topics, including his new album, fatherhood, his Young Money imprint and possible retirement.

XXL caught up with Weezy at Quad Studios in his adopted home of Miami. The 'How To Love' rapper -- in that song's case, singer -- revealed that his much delayed 'Tha Carter IV' album may end up being his last. Kind of. "I'm bowing out still on top," Weezy said. "I'ma make y'all want me when I retire. I'ma make y'all be like, 'Nooo!' I ain't leaving out this b---- when y'all be like, 'Yeah, it's about time, dawg.' Carter IV might be my last one. I'ma make y'all be like, 'Fuck!' Yeah, nigga, I'm gone."

Besides wanting to leave the game on his own accord, Weezy mentions fatherhood, and his non-stop recording schedule, as another reason he is considering hanging up his mic. "I honestly think it's unfair to my kids," he said. "I'm super dedicated into what I do. Like, it's no questions -- it's hands down, I do this. I live this. I don't have a day out my week that I do something else. I do this every day of my life, and I'm not about to stop, 'cause that's the only way you can succeed in this business, is to do it the way I do it. I want to succeed the way I want to succeed. You can succeed. You can put out a hit... But to do it the way I want to do it, to be comfortable to do what the f--- I want to do, you've got to work like no other. Like I said, it's unfair to my kids. So about 30, 31, 32, I gotta get ready."

Mr. Carter plans on releasing a new mixtape titled 'Sorry 4 the Wait,' in order to hold fans over until the release of 'Tha Carter IV,' now due August 29.

The July/August 2011 issue of XXL Magazine will be on newsstands July 12.

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