Lil Wayne called his homey and 'Nino Brown Story' cohort DJ Scoob Doo from Rikers Island prison to talk about the recent capture of a hidden MP3 player in his cell. In the short phone call Wayne let fans know that he's doing just fine and there's no reason to worry about him. As far as the MP3 contraband controversy, he simply said that living without music isn't an option.

"Yeah, they tried to bang me with that," he said. "But I can't live without my music, Scoob. You know how it is, man. I needed my music. It's all good, I had to take my lil' slip up. I ain't trippin', players f--- up."

For obvious reasons, Wayne couldn't discuss any repercussions from the incident but sources indicate that the digression means that he is no longer allowed music privileges in his cell. Otherwise, Wayne seems to be kicking back, relaxing and reflecting as his freedom looms closer.

"I'm coolin," he said. "I'll be home soon. If you worryin', don't worry too much but if you ain't worried than something's wrong ... It's Nino Brown, I got the penthouse here at Rikers, man. I got my feet up. My team is still holding it down. They keepin the flood goin', I already know .... ain't too much, I got in a lil' trouble and what not, you feel me, I can't live without the music, that's all it is, I can't live without the music. But I'll be home, I'll be home." At press time, a total of 168 days of Wayne's year-long sentence for gun possession remain. You can hear Weezy's conversation with Scoob after the jump.