It's no surprise Lil Wayne's lyrics are replete with talk of drugs, violence, sex and negative references toward women. Just listen to one of his more recent tracks like 'Single' to get a feel for the latter. Surprisingly, a 10-year-old girl is speaking out against the tattooed rapper for releasing music that does little to celebrate women.

Nea, 10, joined by Nya, 9, and an unnamed younger girl, created a video to voice their opinion on Lil Wayne's rhymes. Before engaging in her own rap, Nea, standing outside a building in the cold, expressed her disdain for the 'I Am Not a Human Being' creator's work. "He talk about drugs, and stuff, and he call women out their name," she stated.

In the video, the bold youngsters move to a recording studio, where they're shown adjusting studio equipment before Nea takes a stand in front of a mic as Wayne's 'Single' beat sounds. The tween opens up her rhyme, titled 'Letter to Lil Wayne' with the lyrics, "This message is to Mr. Wayne/ I'm sorry plus I must complain/ 'Bout what you do and what you say/ I'm sorry that I feel this way ... "

During the six-minute clip, images of Lil Wayne are tossed on the screen to support Nea's vocals. As she states the familiar catchphrase "Say no to drugs," photos of the rapper smoking a joint pop up, prompting her to question who should she trust.

She also addresses the Young Money head honcho's name-calling on the track, and hopes that he refers to his own daughter as a "royal queen" and nothing less. "My daddy tell me I'm a queen/ But you call women other things/ It makes me mad, I can't pretend/ Sir, don't call me out my name again," she raps.

Before signing off with the name Watoto From the Nile, Nea finishes off the song by paying tribute to artists like Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder, whose music was made to inspire listeners.

Watch 'Letter to Lil Wayne'