Lil Wayne is set to recount his time behind bars for all the world in a new book project entitled 'Gone Till November.' Wayne will pen the prison memoir, detailing his experiences during his eight-month term at New York's Rikers Island for weapon and marijuana charges.

The book is named for the letters Wayne sent to his fans while behind bars -- the same letters the content of the memoir will be derived from. The rapper's friends created the website Weezy Thanx You in order to publish letters written by Wayne while at Rikers. The first letter was titled "Gone Till November."

'Gone Till November' will be published by Grand Central Publishing, and a press release from the publisher revealed the book will detail "his thoughts and feelings, strange people he met, his plans, his family, his children, his past, present and future."

Literary agent Matthew Guma, the man who helped Jay-Z's 'Decoded' become a best-seller, will rep Tunechi on the project.

Wayne served eight months of his year-long sentence for criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana from March until November 2010.

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