Fact: The Lil Wayne concert scheduled for Sept. 27, 2008, in the Bahamas never took place. This Weezy doesn't dispute. But it wasn't booze, the rapper says, that kept him from taking the stage and fulfilling his contractual obligations.

As TMZ reports, Wayne has asked the courts to side with him in a 2009 lawsuit brought by promoter Red City Entertainment, which claims the MC was a drunken no-show on the night in question.

Red City claims it fronted the New Orleans rhymer $432,000 for the concert, and that on the night of the show, when cops went to rouse the absentee performer from his hotel, he was found unconscious.

"At no point [that night] did I become so intoxicated that I passed out on a bed in my suit, or anywhere else," Wayne says, according to TMZ.

Weezy's explanation: The gig was cancelled. Unfortunately, he can't remember why. As TMZ reports, the hip-hop superstar believes it "had something to do with technical difficulties, like lighting and sound problems."

Watch 'Lil Wayne Biography and Origins'

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Lil Wayne Biography and Origins