As anticipation builds for 'The Dark Knight Rises,' Christopher Nolan's new Batman movie, Catwoman-to-be Anne Hathaway is feeling especially hounded by paparazzi.

Tuesday night (Aug. 16) on 'Conan,' the embattled actress responded in rhyme, dissing pushy photogs with a rap song she purportedly wrote "in the style of Lil Wayne."

"Yo, I'm a paparazzi/ I don't play no Yahtzee," the hammy starlet barked. "I go pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop/ My camera's up your crotch."

If her flow left something to be desired, Hathaway managed a few choice lines.

"I tell the truth from what I see/ and sell it to Perez Hilty," went one, and toward the end, the typically wholesome 'Princess Diaries' star used some Weezy-like vulgarity, dissing herself from a photographer's perspective.

"Don't act so hotsy totsy, b----," she rapped. "I know that you're from Jersey."

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