Lil Wayne is giving away a free concert to a lucky winner in the latest TIDAL initiative.

"TIDAL College’s Social Wave for Change" is encouraging college students to do community service for a chance to win a concert featuring the New Orleans rhymer.

The contest, which is only open to undergraduate students, encourages participants to post a photo or video of themselves completing a community service act on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #TIDALXChange. While the public will vote for the ultimate winner, a panel from TIDAL will determine the finalists.

Finalists will win a silent disco for their school -- or nearby, while the winner will get Weezy himself at a concert at their school or nearby.

The site gives several examples of community service acts including "collect canned goods or bottled water to local shelter or participate in a local food drive" or "donate clothing to your local shelter or participate in a local clothing drive."

Weezy isn't the only artist inspiring others to do good. Beyonce is using the proceeds gained from her Foundation tour to help support the water crisis in Flint, Michigan while Meek Mill, Big Sean and Diddy donated a million water bottles to the community. The "I Don't F--- With You" rapper also gave $10,000 to the city. Jay Z’s TIDAL and Roc Nation also reportedly donated $1.5 million to social justice organizations.

We're certainly happy about this new trend from music artists and hope that it continues.

Get more information on the contest here.