Over the past two days, there has been a bit of confusion surrounding a rumored Lil Wayne performance in New York City. But on Tuesday morning, during his first, live post-jail interview on Shade 45, Weezy cleared up the confusion, explaining that the "free show" is actually a taping for 'Last Call With Carson Daly.'

A post initially appeared on Wayne's Twitter account, announcing that he would give a free performance in New York on Dec. 16, but yesterday, he removed it, writing, "Someone has tapped into my twitter page. I'm not doing a show in N.Y. Sorry for the misunderstanding."

During his Shade 45 interview, Wayne expressed his frustration at the Twitter hack and explained that he will be in town with Nicki Minaj to record a performance for Daly's show. "I was just mad that somebody went on my Twitter, like that's my personal Twitter," he explained. "Everybody know, I don't do no promoting. Like I don't do that, I'm not a promoter. A lot of people use their Twitter, like 'Check this out' or 'I'm gonna be here' but I don't use it for that."

Wayne will be in the Big Apple through the weekend, as he is scheduled to perform the single 'No Love' alongside Eminem on 'Saturday Night Live' on Dec. 18.

Eminem feat. Lil Wayne, 'No Love'

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