Lil Wayne is going to be busy once he finishes his eight month prison stint on New York's Rikers Island in early November. He's already released the 'I Am Not a Human Being' EP from the slammer and will get to work on his 'Tha Carter IV' album. As if that wasn't enough, Wayne will make up for even more lost music time and record an album with his "father" aka Cash Money founder Brian "Birdman" Williams.

"Me and Wayne gonna do a father/son album, that's about it for me," Birdman told The BoomBox of hanging up his solo career. "I'm more into the artists. I do what I do with the rap game, but I'm more into making them bigger."

"I want to focus on their careers, that's what's important to me," Birdman says of his Cash Money/Young Money crew. "I can do whatever I want with the team, but I'm into making the team stronger -- that's my goal, that's my mission. My mission is to be into what Wayne tries to do, and Drake and Nicki, making their visions as big as I can possibly make [them]."

Since being behind bars Wayne's popularity has yet to waiver. The digital release of 'I Am Not a Human Being' debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Digital Album charts with first-week digital sales of 110,000 downloads. 'Tha Carter IV' is due out at the top of 2011.

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