Lil Scrappy has a message for the naysayers: stop hating. On his new single, 'They Hate Me,' the Atlanta rhymer addresses those haters who can't stand to see him getting so much paper. Helping Scrap put them paws on the critics is Young Buck, who just got out of prison.

Over a head-nodding trap beat, The 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' star vows to continue to get money no matter what the haters say.

"I'm like, 'Wow, hating on the Internet' / How? I ain't even made it yet," he raps. 'Hating on that paper / But now, I'm really gonna bust a check / Hating from the inside / No sleep-ness because my eyes are open."

Meanwhile, Buck disses his own critics, rapping, "All this hating, yeah, it's my fault / I throw racks and y'all throw salt / Run your mouth, but I don't talk / You ain't got nothing entertaining / I still got money in the bank."

Lil Scrappy is currently working on his new album, 'Reparations.' He recently revealed a joint venture between his record label, Gri$tle Gang Records, and Sony Entertainment. The project is due in Spring 2014.

Listen to Lil Scrappy's 'They Hate Me' Feat. Young Buck