Lili Kim Rapper Lil Kim has responded to the recent allegations that she refused to appear at six scheduled performances in London due to a "bloody nose."

Promotions company Abstrakt Visions Entertainment claimed that Kim was paid $20,000 for six performance dates in London, from Nov. 7-14, but that she gave an excuse, pocketed the $20,000 and headed back home. According to Kim's rep, she never received any such payment, nor did she ever agree to perform on the dates in question.

"We do not have a contract with Abstrakt Visions Entertainment and never received any money from them," said Kim's spokesperson. "Abstrakt Visions Entertainment is in the wrong for falsely promoting Lil Kim in London and will be dealt with accordingly. This matter is in the hands of our legal team."

Though Kim's management did confirm that a business arrangement had been made, they maintain their claim that no money changed hands and that Kim's refusal to appear was due to the promoter's failure to provide a performance schedule.