Bow Wow has been grabbing headlines for his troubles with the IRS, but he's just a pup compared to Lil Kim. When it comes to owing money to the government, the Queen Bee is top dog. According to TMZ, the rapper owes the feds the astounding seven-figure sum of $1,026,862.42.

As per documents obtained by the gossip site, Kim owes money for every year spanning 2002 to 2009. In the last of those years alone, she wracked up $86,347.85 in tax debt -- an amount just recently heaped onto the total.

Between the colossal tax liens and her ongoing battle with Nicki Minaj, who disses her mercilessly on the track 'Stupid H--,' Lil Kim is going through a bit of a rough patch. Perhaps her long-awaited autobiography and documentary will help remind her of past glories and point the way toward the future -- and earn her some cash to pay off Uncle Sam.

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