Things have been relatively quiet between Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim for the past few weeks, but the latest flare-up took place on Twitter, Monday night (May 2).

Kim fired off a series of angry messages at Minaj in reply to a tweet from the Young Money rapper that reportedly read, "Lil Kim U Next." A look at Nicki's Twitter timeline will show no evidence of the tweet now, but it angered Kim enough to send her into a rage.

After asking fans to help with choosing a name for her new dog, she took aim at Minaj after followers suggested she name the pup after her rival. "I would never name her "S---ty Garbaj"!!! My dog is way prettier than that b----!!!," she wrote. "What type of coward lame a-b---- tweets some s--- and then deletes it. REAL b-----s stand by what they say BOZO..."

Since her initial comment, Nicki Minaj has not tweeted anything more to Kim, opting instead to promote her appearance on an episode of 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Kim and Nicki traded several jabs at each other last year but things came to a peak in February, with the release of the Queen Bee's 'Black Friday' mixtape, which featured a decapitated Minaj on the cover. Then, in April, a leaked song titled 'Tragedy' found Nicki Minaj taking aim at Kim. The track is rumored to be on Lil Wayne's upcoming 'Tha Carter IV' album.

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