Lil' Kim has been on a tear to reclaim her throne as the Queen of Rap. After throwing shade at Nicki Minaj with several diss songs, including 'Identity Theft,' she's back with a new mixtape, 'Hard Core 2K14.'

Kim’s 'Hard Core' tape plays on her iconic album of the same name, which was released in 1996, on Atlantic Records. The cover itself features a black panther wearing a diamond necklace in front of a fireplace. A painting of the Queen Bee hangs on the wall flanked by roses. There's also a bundle of cash behind the panther.

The rapper also released a new track called 'Real Sick' featuring Jadakiss. Over a sample of Puffy and Biggie's 'Victory,' Kim spits bars reminding everyone of her return.

"Lil’ Kim, the one they all love and hate / The queen’s back bitches, regurgitate / I got these hoes real sick like a stomach ache,” she raps.

'Hard Core 2K14,' her first project since her 2011 release 'Black Friday,' is available on her official website.

Lil' Kim's 'Hard Core 2K14' Tracklist

1. 'Intro'
2. 'Stadium Music' feat. Yo Gotti
3. 'Identity Theft'
4. 'Real Sick' feat. Jadakiss
5. 'Trendsetter'
6. 'Migo' feat. TLZ & Young Bonds
7. 'Whenever You See Me' feat. Cassidy
8. 'Work the Pole'
9. 'Suicide' feat. French Montana
10. 'Dead Gal Walking'
11. 'Kimmie Blanco'
12. 'Haters' feat. B Ford

Listen to Lil Kim's 'Real Sick' Feat. Jadakiss