Lili Kim A legion of Lil' Kim's fans have officially had enough of the rap star's ever-changing appearance by way of alleged excessive plastic surgery and reported skin bleaching. The folks over at, a site dedicated to all things Lil' Kim for the past 15-years, unleashed a strongly worded letter to her handlers announcing that they will no longer support the Brooklyn rapper.

According to the site, many of Kim's fans were hoping to stage an intervention in an attempt to to call out the rapper for what they see as her being brainwashed into changing her appearance. Upon reaching out to Kim's apparent assistant Looch via Twitter, the site was blasted for perpetuating photos that show the 34-year-old in a negative light. "It's people like you that f--- up her pictures and post them on [their] site," Looch wrote to the fan site via Twitter. "If ur for her why would u change the name of ur site! Are you really upset that she hasn't acknowledge you! Take a look at yourself from 10 yrs [from] now -- oh trust n believe a big f---in' difference!" Looch also noted that Kim's appearance in person differs from photos.

The war of words continued for several posts until the site announced via their Twitter page that they would be shutting down indefinitely. "Most of her fans, most of the consumers, most of the public period are not going to see her in person," they wrote in a statement. "Maybe a 100 people will see Kim in person at any given event, but one bad photo from an event can be seen by MILLIONS. Why doesn't anybody on Kim's team realize that? A celebrity's public brand & image is everything. When it comes time to sell an album or make product endorsements all of that is based on your public brand."

"The only reason why we as fans are even concerned about how Kim is perceived by the public is because she is/was our QUEEN, the public views her as a joke and it really hurts us to see her like that. We have no motivation, no personal interest no monetary $$$ interest in wanting to see Kim do well. What motivations do others have for their actions? Is there personal gain? Is there monetary interest? That is something you all must consider."

Kim has never publicly addresses her plastic surgery procedures but has gone under a noticeable physical transformation since her 1996 debut 'Hardcore.' She is said to be working on her fifth studio album.