There are some things Lil' Kim isn't ready to talk about. One is her supposed relationship with rapper Maino, one of several topics that came up this morning when the Queen Bee phoned up the Chicago's Morning Riot radio show.

"There's no truth to the rumors of you and Maino being romantically involved?" asked host Tony Sculfield.

"Oh my god," responded the female MC, refusing to dish. "Ask him that!"

If Kim's love life is destined to remain a mystery, she's getting ready to open herself up in other ways. As she told to the Morning Riot crew, she's prepping a movie, book and collection of fresh-sounding jams.

"I got a bunch of singles that we're getting ready to throw out in a few seconds," she said. "We're going to throw out a few singles first so we can get everybody familiar with my new sound. I have a documentary that I'm going to put out and that's going to explain a lot of things where people can stop asking me silly questions and stuff like that. When I put the documentary out, a lot of questions will be answered. I still have my book deal with St. Martin's Press which is solely about my stay in prison."

With her prison days are behind her, Kim might actually stand a chance of being a good role model for her new god daughter, whose recent birth caused her to cancel some promotional appearances.

"One of my best friends, she gave birth to my god daughter and I am so proud to welcome her to the world," Kim said. "The thing is my best friend is a diabetic so technically she's taking a risk having children at all. I had to rush to her aid and my God daughter was born."

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