The plot thickens in the Scott Storch grand theft auto case. The producer's former girlfriend, rapper Lil' Kim, has been named as a key party in the legal matter. In 2007, Storch's lease on his Bentley expired and according to reports, instead of giving it back to a Florida-based leasing company, he handed Lil' Kim the keys as a gift. The Bentley was repossessed from Kim's New Jersey home in 2008 and bloggers assumed the matter was an indication the rapper was in financial straits.

Last week Storch pleaded not guilty to charges of grand theft auto. Shocked at the charges, Storch's lawyer released a statement stating, "We are disappointed in the decision to take a civil dispute and file it as a criminal charge. There are many facts, that when revealed, will clearly demonstrate that there was no criminal wrongdoing on behalf of my client."

Storch is due back in court on May 29. No statement has been released from Lil' Kim's camp regarding her association with the case.