K. Michelle wanted to rumble with the Bee, but things backfired. During an interview with Power 105.1’s 'The Breakfast Club' this week, the songstress threw shade at Lil' Kim. The singer referred to the rapper as “Plastic Penny,” and reiterated that she asked her to be the godmother of her daughter, Royal Reign.

Their feud has been going on for months and Kim insists that the 'Love 'Em All' singer has been lying about the whole thing. However, K. Michelle is sticking to her guns about the story.

“I swear for crackers and cheese -- God strike me down -- that girl asked me to be the godmother of her child. And I thought it was awkward myself," she said.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, K. Michelle also added, “Her face is stretched back too tight, it probably affected her brain. I just feel bad for her face. Don’t talk to me until you get your original face back."

When Kim caught wind of the interview, she quickly jumped on her Instagram page to defend herself -- and it wasn’t pretty. The shade was real.

Kimmy wrote a long missive directed at K. Michelle on the social media site. She called her an "insecure pathological lying sick psycho bitch."

"My mother always told me never argue with a crazy person because from a distance you can't tell who the crazy one is," she writes. "So stop trying to use me as a respirator to sell whatever you got going on at the time but I am into giving back to the community so here's my charity donation to you."

Oddly, after giving her the ultimate shade, Lil' Kim then congratulated K. Michelle on the release of her new album, 'Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?'

"I heard you dropped an album and I wish you all the success in the world and I hope you sell a ton of records," she writes.

So are they beefing or not? Watch K. Michelle's interview with 'The Breakfast Club' below.

Watch K. Michelle's Interview with Power 105's 'The Breakfast Club'

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