Being from the violent city of Chicago, Lil Durk is no stranger to turmoil and confrontation and you'd probably think the same about his crew. Unfortunately, DJ Bandz, a member of Durk's team, was recently the victim of an assault by a local rival at a Chicago mall.

The adversary, who goes by the name MUBU Krump, approached Bandz while he was browsing through items at the shopping center and delivered the quick fade to Bandz before fleeing the scene. The entire altercation was caught on camera.

Afterwards, MUBU Krump went on social media to gloat. "We just scored" he tweeted before reposting the video and adding the caption, "It's goes down @lildurk_ u wasn't in time my n----... Share yo location we can meet #PUTTHEGUNSDOWN @djbandz #OTF."

Lil Durk, who has been known to not shy away from beef, responded by simply tweeting, "See me and run n----," making it clear that the beef is real and he's not interested in much back-and-forth at this point. DJ Bandz also responded and challenged MUBU Krump to a fist fight any time, any place.

While we're unsure of where this beef stemmed from, we hope it can be resolved peacefully and without further altercations. But this is Chicago, so only time will tell if there will be any more casualties.

Stop the violence and increase the peace.

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