Lil Durk is breathing a sigh of relief after Chicago prosecutors dropped gun charges against him during a hearing on Friday (Aug. 19).

The Def Jam artist, whose real name is Durk Banks, was facing 12 felony counts of felon in a possession of a handgun stemming from a November 2014 incident where police found two .45-caliber pistols in his townhome while searching for a first-degree murder suspect.

Assistant State's Attorney Holly Kremin argued that Lil Durk had violated his probation by knowing that both the owner of the guns and the weapons themselves were in the home. She also added that Durk admitted to police that the guns were his. However, Durk’s attorney, Sam Adam Jr., argued that the officer never wrote in his police report of any such admission by the rapper.

Ultimately, Judge Timothy Joyce ruled that prosecutors proved Durk knew the guns were in his home but failed to prove he had "possession and control" of the weapons.

Outside of the courtroom, a jubilant Durk was happy with the judge’s decision. "I was kind of nervous, but I ain't ever nervous about the truth because I know God is on my side and I got a good lawyer," he told the Chicago Tribune.

Later, Durk went on his Instagram page to thank his attorney and the Man above.

"Thank god for my lawyer who been there since day one Sam Adams Jr. I beat my case today now I can get to the money and growth of my career and being a father to my kids thank you God 2x," he wrote.

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