In an effort to rally support for rapper Lil' Boosie's defense fund, his mother is now entreating his fans for help.

The Baton Rouge rapper, born Torence Hatch, has been behind bars since September 2009 for drug possession, and currently faces the death penalty for his role in the 2009 shooting murder of a local man. In a prelude to the new video for Boosie's jam for the ladies, 'Green Light Anthem,' the controversial MC's mother Connie Hatch proclaims her son's innocence.

"Yes, Torence is innocent," she says in the video. "We want to make sure he gets a fair trial. The site contains information from Torrence's attorney and family on how you can help us fight this murder charge. The charge has placed a huge emotional and financial burden on the family. We need your support. Thanks for caring about Lil' Boosie."

The video includes a link to, where a photo of a smiling Boosie, surrounded by children, encourages fans to donate to his defense. "His charge carries a maximum sentence of the death penalty, and the prosecutor has boasted of this as a death penalty case," the site states. "Please keep in mind that there is virtually no credible evidence in this case; no murder weapon, no evidence of money exchanged, and no known motive ... He and his family ask that you please take action now. Let yourself be heard. If you are part of a civil rights organization, we want to hear from you."

Boosie's contentious relationship with Louisiana District Attorney Hillar Moore began escalated last June, when the rapper threatened the D.A. in a song entitled 'F--- 'Em All.' While Boosie's murder trial commences, he is still serving out a two-year sentence for his prior drug conviction.

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