BoosieRapper Lil Boosie feels that his prison sentence was unjust and wants help from Rev. Jesse Jackson to fight his legal battles. As previously reported Boosie's two-year sentence was doubled to four years after he violated his parole. Louisiana District Court Judge Chip Moore ordered him behind bars immediately following a hearing Monday (Nov. 9).

In an interview done prior to his new sentence, Boosie alleges that he was treated harshly by the justice system. "This is my first conviction. Jesse Jackson needs to be down here screaming for me too," he said. "This my first conviction and I'm doing jail time. I know millions of people with paper on them for gun and drug charges, but because of who I am, they're just trying to make an example out of me ... I'm coming home with a grudge on my shoulder."

Proving that he's looking at the bright side of the situation Boosie believes that his time behind bars will increase his record sales. "N----s are already asking to book me for the first Saturday I'm home. Offering money I've never gotten before."

Ironically Boosie was seeking a 25-day extension to stay out of jail longer, scheduled for the same day he was taken into custody. Of the night from which the conviction stems, the rapper born Torrence Hatch, says the gun police found in his vehicle belonged to a friend. "I was coming from a funeral, and my patna' left his gun in my car. Narcotic officers blocked me in. I locked my door and finished smoking and got out. Wasn't no bribing, none of that sh-- going on. I got caught with marijuana and my friend's gun was in the car."

Boosie reached a plea deal with prosecutors knocking what would've been up to a 10-year sentence down to two years provided that he be placed on house arrest leading up to his incarceration date. An ankle monitor he was required to wear revealed that he had in fact left his house on different occasions. According to his lawyers the Louisiana native will serve a minimum of two years.

His fifth album 'Superbad: The Return of Bootsie Bad Azz,' dropped Sept. 15.