The spar between Lil' Boosie and Louisiana District Attorney Hillar Moore rages on. The incarcerated rapper has filed a motion declaring that the East Baton Rouge Parish D.A. was seeking revenge on Boosie after hearing his song "F--- 'Em All," which includes disparaging remarks towards Moore, just days before filing a murder charge against him.

Boosie, who is currently being held on first-degree murder charges after allegedly taking out a hit on another man, seeks to have Moore removed from the case. "Mr. Moore learned of these disparaging comments and within 10 days of hearing these remarks, he prepared a case against Torrence Hatch to bring before a grand jury when the individuals actually responsible for this crime had been in custody for quite some time," said Boosie's lawyer Jason Williams in the motion.

Back in June, Boosie released the scathing diss track, threatening Moore and branding him a racist. "F--- the D.A. and the prosecutors they all devils/ Talk that smack we get you back/ We all rebels," he raps. ""Your racist a-- is going to hell/ You'll probably be dead when I come out of jail ya old b---- / Your d--- can't even get hard no more, b---- you need to die/ And the prosecutor's gay/ I see that from a mile away."

Moore responded to the claims made in the song, declaring that his intention to take down Boosie isn't about a personal vendetta. "He's calling me a racist. It has nothing to do with color," he told The Advocate. "The indictment had nothing to do with a song. It has to do with dead bodies and victims."

In November 2009, Boosie was sentenced to four years in prison after violating the terms of his probation. With his new case, he could be facing up to 25 years behind bars.

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