Lil BoosieThis morning, amidst advanced courtroom security, rapper Lil Boosie made a first appearance in court for his recent first-degree murder indictment. As expected, the already-incarcerated rapper, real name Torrence Hatch, plead not guilty in a quick preliminary hearing in front of Judge Mike Erwin.

Boosie has had one of the roughest months imaginable. As word spread of this recent murder charge, the Baton Rouge native was also busted for smuggling drugs into the prison he's currently serving time at, violating a host of laws, rules and security measures in the process.

"He's not guilty," remarked Defense Attorney Marcus Allen when asked about his client. "I think he's absolutely not guilty. I think he meant what he said. He's absolutely not guilty. We're just going to prepare for his defense and get ready to address the charges."

District Attorney Hillar Moore had a different viewpoint of the proceedings, throwing a few subtle jabs in Boosie's direction by referencing his many criminal trials and sentences occurring simultaneously.

"I'd rather wait for the evidence to speak as to what happened," Moore said. "He's got several different cases, so it depends on which one you're talking about. He also has the introduction of the drugs into the prison and obviously, he's presumed innocent at this point."