Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie is denying the accusation that he bribed a Baton Rouge police officer last year, during his arrest for marijuana and weapons possession.

The officer, Nicholas Locicero, testified in a pre-trial hearing this week that on the day of the arrest, Oct. 22, 2008, Boosie attempted a bribe by saying, "I'm Boosie, how much do you want?"

Boosie responded to the bribery allegations, saying, "[The] officer just lied and he said I told him I pulled out a big [roll] of money...They tryna blow it up to turn the judge against me. That's just a lie. I always have a big wad of cash and three credit cards, too."

Boosie was arrested and charged with marijuana possession, possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance and attempting to run from law enforcement. The Baton Rouge-born MC faces up to 20 years for the marijuana charge and a mandatory minimum of five years for the gun charge.

He released the following statement in a video to fans, thanking them for seeing him through his recent troubles with the law. "First of all, I wanna thank all my fans for supporting me through my trials and tribu-hatin'," Boosie began. "Shout-out to everybody who helped me down on MySpace and all the haters who were on MySpace really hatin' on me and wanna see me in situations...I still won't get convicted. They really want me convicted so I can't ride with my tool and all that, but I wanna thank y'all for y'all support."

Boosie's trial is set for Sept. 28. Please stop riding with the tool, Boosie.